Innovated by Incore Cables

One of our strengths is that we adapt to our customers’ needs and the developments in the market. We can create and develop completely new cables or improve existing cables. In both cases these cables will offer multiple benefits compared to existing ones. We create custom-made, certified cables based on our customers’ specifications and wishes. This is very common in mobile energy and international industrial projects.


We are proud of the fact that, in addition to our standard product range, we can respond to our customers’ requests and questions. We go beyond standard regulations, standard customer needs or production norms. We label our unique products and projects with the ‘Innovated by Incore Cables’ logo.

The logo indicates that a product or cable is unique. Some examples are:

PowerAmp-A 07BN4-AF

We are proud of our extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to aluminium low voltage cables. With our PowerAmp-A we have developed an aluminium low voltage cable as an improvement to the H07BN4-AF cables. The PowerAmp-A is a heavy-duty and flexible aluminium cable, just like the copper version. But the PowerAmp-A is cheaper, lighter in weight and with the same high level of performance.

Another unique feature is its four square millimeter class 5 conductor. Incore Cables is the only company in the world that can ensure high quality and safety with PowerAmp-A because of its KEMA / DEKRA certification.


We are not the only supplier of medium voltage cables with aluminium conductors. As said we are a pioneer when it comes to aluminium conductors, so we have something unique to offer. With our PowerAmp-AMS we have developed an aluminium medium voltage cable with a class five conductor. This means we can offer you a flexible cable.


Flexic H07BN4-F

Our Flexic cables are low and medium voltage cables with copper conductors. These cables are known as H07BN4-F cables. H07BN4-F stands for the standard and requirements which these cables need to meet.

Our Flexic cables outperform standard requirements and other cable providers. Our Flexic cable is more robust with a stronger outer sheath to secure a better protection of the inside of the cable. We have achieved this without reducing the flexibility of the cable.

Better than the standard

Standards indicate the minimum requirements of a cable. Because of our experience we know that in certain markets the demands for cables are higher. We develop and improve cables beyond the standard. For example, we create more robust and more flexible cables that are more resistant to mechanical stress and have lower conductor resistance.


Customer-specific cables

We have created, developed and produced custom-made cables for our customers. These cables need to meet our clients’ specific requirements and need to comply with certain standards. An example of one of these specific requirements was a sabotage-proof cable. It had to prevent the theft of electricity, of illegal tapping. We will provide our customers with all of the necessary documentation for these specific requirements.

Innovated by Incore Cables

Meet our engineer Gerlof de Vries

Gerlof is our ‘Innovated by Incore Cables’ products genius and a real expert in cable engineering. He is a pioneer and an innovator when it comes to developing and designing cables. Gerlof stays on top of developments of international standards, certification organizations and customer developments. Please read the interview with Gerlof about his career and background.