Through the years we have supported major infrastructure projects. Therefore, we have gained substantial know-how and experience in this market. Our cables meet national and international standards such as NEN, BS, IEC, NFC, CEBEC, VDE and SANS. For infrastructure projects it is common to engineer and develop customised cables. Because of our in-house engineering we can support you in this matter.

We are involved in a large number of international infrastructure projects.
For these projects we have developed and delivered many customized cables.

Infrastructure cables

We offer you a wide range of cables including transmission and distribution cables. We guarantee a fast delivery because of our large stock. We are able to develop customixed cables with a short production time. These custom-made cables can be ordered in a small minimum quantity. Furthermore, our extensive programme of cables contains:

  • Low voltage cables, with copper and aluminium conductors.
  • Medium voltage cables, with copper and aluminium conductors.
  • High voltage cables, uninsulated.

We can offer you solutions for large construction projects as well as for small maintenance projects.

Project support and advice

We insist on helping you with selecting suitable cables and finding the best solution for your project. Most of the projects require paperwork on cable standards such as regulations and specifications. We work with these complex and extensive documents every day and are more than happy to convert this information into the right cable choices and best solutions. Please contact us for our project support and advice (free-of-costs).

We can provide you with answers to complex engineering issues for different overhead lines such as, ACSR, AAC, AAAC. Please contact us for our project support and advice (free-of-costs).