Over the years we have built up considerbale experience in this market. We know what is required in terms of cabling and the standards which need to be applied. Your market is similar to other market segments. This allows us to offer you a wide range of cables. We have many types of cables in our stock enabling us to provide you a fast delivery.

Incore Cables is your best choice when it comes to industrial questions and issues.
Our extensive know-how is built on our many years of practical experience.

Industry cables

Our products comply with many national and international standards such as NEN, BS, IEC, NFC, CEBEC and VDE. We can develop customised industry cables with a short production time. These custom-made cables can be ordered in a small minimum quantity. Furthermore, our extensive program of cables contains:

  • Low voltage cables, with copper and aluminium conductors.
  • Medium voltage cables, with copper and aluminium conductors.
  • Instrumentation cables, armoured and non-armoured.

We guarantee the right cables; whether it is for a large construction project or for maintenance. Are you looking for a flame-retardant cable with function preservation or a cable which resistant to alkalis, acids, oils and/or other hazardous substances? We can help you.. Click on the button below to take a look at our products.

Project support and advice

We insist on helping you with selecting suitable cables and finding the best solution for your project. Most of the projects require paperwork on cable standards such as regulations and specifications. We work with these complex and extensive documents every day and are more than happy to convert this information into the right cable choices and best solutions. Please contact us for our project support and advice (free-of-costs).