Incore Cables

Incore Cables is a manufacturer and supplier of electricity and instrumentation cables. Over the years we have proven ourselves a reliable partner. A supplier you can rely on. We use a personal and service-based approach. This means we approach every request and inquiry effectively and efficiently.

All our products are of a high quality and meet national and international standards and certifications. We combine high quality with competitive prices. We assure you a great price-quality ratio. We supply many cables directly from our large stock. With our in-house engineering department, we can offer every specific cable and solution.

Reliable partner – trust

Every day we want to prove ourselves as a reliable partner you can rely on. Our opinion is that reliance is the foundation of doing business. This simply comes down to, you order the products you need and as your partner we arrange everything from A to Z. You can expect a precise order fulfillment, a good product and correct delivery.

Service-based approach

Every customer is different. This may be due to the organisation, industry and country. We take this into account with every customer and adapt to it. However, there is no difference in our service-based approach. With an effective and efficient approach, we want to handle each request and inquiry as competent and fast as possible. We take your requirements for the cable you are looking for into account, including the conditions on site and future risks.

High quality

We offer the highest possible quality. Our cables meet many national and international standards and certifications to guarantee this high quality. We develop, engineer and test our products and together with selected partners we produce our cables.

Competitive prices

We strive for a great price-quality ratio. This means we offer competitive prices for the high quality products we deliver. This includes our excellent service. For the best prices in the market you can rely on our products, services, advice and support.

Large stock

From our warehouse we can deliver our products quickly. We offer you a wide and deep assortment of cables. Besides our own factory we have reliable relationships with multiple manufacturers. This allows us to produce products fast and offer you the best delivery times.

Own engineering

We have our own in-house engineering department. This means you can rely on our excellent know-how and most importantly, we always have a solution. We innovate and improve cables. We can develop and produce every type of cable you need.

Innovated by Incore Cables

'Innovated by Incore Cables' stands for unique products and cables which are developed by us. These products are based on client demands and developments in the market. Therefore, these cables offer various advantages.