Events and rental cables

We know from experience what this market demands. We are flexible and we will provide a fast response to all of your questions and inquiries. We guarantee a fast delivery from our stock and you can expect competitive prices. We directly offer competitive prices for all our high-quality cables. Our cables meet national and international standards and are examined and approved by KEMA and DEKRA.

We are your perfect partner for cabling events and rental organisations.
We are flexible and we deliver customised assembled products.

Events and rental cables

We offer you a wide range of cables including cables with copper and aluminium conductors and flexible cables with great durability which are easy to install. For this market we have exclusivele developed our innovative PowerAmp-A (07BN4-AF), PowerAmp-AMS and Flexic (H07RN-F). Incore Cables offers cables in the following product categories:

  • Low voltage cables, with copper and aluminium conductors.
  • Medium voltage cables, with copper and aluminium conductors.
  • Assembled cables, complete with identification and tested.

Extension cables and customized assemblies

Many of our customers come to us for assembling (customized) extension cables. We create custom-made extension cables based on our customers’ specifications and wishes. These custom- made products include identification and are tested to ensure reliable use. This is possible for any desired cable type, cable length and cable connectors.

This has resulted in the package we offer you now. You can get aluminum and copper extension cables with a choice of CEE plugs. The most popular length of 25 metres is in stock in the 16, 32, 63 and 125 ampere versions.

We can assemble any other length based on your wishes and specifications. Our people would love to tell you more about what we can do for you.

Copper vs. aluminium cables

The use of cables with an aluminium conductor has recently increased. This is due to the many advantages of aluminium compared to copper. Aluminium and copper cables similar in terms of durability and conductor materials. Both cables are flexible with a conductor class 5.

In fact, aluminium offers many more advantages. The most important one is its price. Aluminium cables are 20% to 50% cheaper as compared to copper cables. Secondly, aluminium cables are up to 50% lighter in weight. A huge advantage as cables need to be lifted and moved frequently in this market which requires manpower. With health and safety legislation in mind, aluminium is your best choice. Read more about it in our blogs and eBooks.