In this market we operate internationally. Therefore, our products meet many national and international standards. Our range of products is extensive and we are a licensed distributor of Draka offshore cables. Each cable we provide comes with a 3rd party type approval. No matter the length and type of cable. We will help you in finding the most cost-efficient solution by offering you project support and advice.

Due to our wide product range and our reliable delivery, we are a certified
supplier of many offshore enterprises.

Offshore cables

Within the offshore segment we offer you a wide range of offshore cables. They conform to national and international standards such as the NEK 606, BS6883, UKOOA and IEEE1580. High quality and sustainable products are important to us, because the conditions in which offshore cables need to operate are harsh. We offer cables the following product categories:

  • Low voltage cables, with copper conductors.
  • Medium voltage cables, with copper conductors.
  • Subsea cables, up to 36kV in dry and wet-design.
  • Instrumentation cables.
  • Fibre optic cables.

Many of our cables are halogen-free, flame retardant and mud resistant. You will find our offshore cables by clicking on the button below.

Project support and advice

We insist on helping you with selecting suitable cables and finding the best solution for your project. Most of the projects require paperwork on cable standards such as regulations and specifications. We work with these complex and extensive documents every day and are more than happy to convert this information into the right cable choices and best solutions. Please contact us for our project support and advice (free-of-costs).