Renewable energy

The renewable energy market, compared to other markets, is a young market. With many new development, this requires organisations to respond quickly, on an international level, to keep up. With our customer specific cables we respond to this need: we are able to engineer, test and manufacture cables within tight deadlines and required standards. This makes us your ideal partner.

Incore Cables is your innovative partner for renewable energy projects.
We accommodate to new markets. We already have or will develop the cable you desire.

Renewable energy cables

We have supplied cables to many international wind and solar energy projects. Our product range contains  wind turbine and solar cables. With our aluminium cables we can supply lightweight cables with the same durability as copper cables. An example is our Innovative PowerAmp-A 07BN4-AF. Incore Cables offers cables in the following product categories:

  • Low voltage cables, with copper and aluminium conductors.
  • Medium voltage cables, with copper and aluminium conductors.
  • Assembled cables, complete with identification and tested.

Our cables are flexible and we even offer torsion resistant cables for the use in wind turbines. Furthermore, our product range include cables such as XPLE-cables, heat resistant cables and primary and secondary distribution cables. Click on the button below to take a look at our products.

Project support and advice

We insist on helping you with selecting suitable cables and finding the best solution for your project. Most of the projects require paperwork on cable standards such as regulations and specifications. We work with these complex and extensive documents every day and are more than happy to convert this information into the right cable choices and best solutions. Please contact us for our project support and advice (free-of-costs).