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Product information of the AL-XLPE-CTS-PVC cable 12kV to 36kV


A single core aluminum medium voltage cable especially suitable for distribution of energy. With a unarmoured compacted aluminium conductor and XLPE insulation.


  • Cost-saving
  • Lightweight / Aluminium
  • Flame retardant

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Innovated by Incore Cables


This AL-XLPE-CTS-PVC cable is designed and developed by Incore Cables. Incore Cables offers you a unique product with many advantages compared to existing products. Safety and quality are guaranteed as the cable meets national and international standards and in some cases 3rd party approvals. Please check out our web page if you want to know more about Innovated by Incore Cables.

Advantages of the AL-XLPE-CTS-PVC cable 12kV to 36kV


The conductors of the AL-XLPE-CTS-PVC cable are made of aluminium. An aluminium cable is 20% to 50% less expensive than its copper variant, without reducing its quality and lifespan.

Lightweight / Aluminium

This cable is lightweight because the conductors of the AL-XLPE-CTS-PVC cable are made of aluminium. Compared to a similar cable with copper conductors it can weigh up to 50% less. First of all, this is ideal during installation, installing the cable will be easier and more efficient. Secondly, a lightweight cable reduces transport costs and decreases the weight put on supporting and load-bearing constructions.

Flame retardant

Cables used to be responsible for spreading fire. The AL-XLPE-CTS-PVC cable is flame retardant. This means that this cable is designed in a way that it will not spread fire. Cables with these advantages are often used in buildings and at locations where people live, work and travel / move.

Copper tape screen

The purpose of the copper tape screen is to prevent cables from spreading electromagnetic fields. This will prevent the cable from affecting other cables or equipment in the direct surroundings of the AL-XLPE-CTS-PVC cable. The copper tape screen is also used as a grounding system for the cable.

National and international standards