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Product information of the U-1000 R2V


The U-1000 R2V cable can be used in all low voltage power installations. The multi core cables are adapted to remote control and tele-control installations. For fixed applications only and can be used in cable ducts or fixed to walls. With extra mechanical protection these cables can be buried directly.


  • UV resistant
  • Flame retardant

Advantages of the U-1000 R2V

UV resistant

Cables that are not UV resistant will be affected when they are exposed to direct sunlight. The U-1000 R2V is UV resistant and can therefore be used above ground in the open air. The outer sheath of the cable will not be harmed by the ultra-violet light which normally dries out a cable or causes cracks or bursts in the sheath. This will preserve the functionality of the cable.

Flame retardant

Cables used to be responsible for spreading fire. The U-1000 R2V is flame retardant. This means that this cable is designed in a way that it will not spread fire. Cables with these advantages are often used in buildings and at locations where people live, work and travel / move.

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