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Product information of the NSGAFÖU cable 1,8kV to 6kV


This medium voltage cable is designed for application in dry rooms, busses and rail born vehicles. If used in distribution or switching appliances the cable is considered to be short circuit proof. It is resistant against most oils and grease.


  • Flexible
  • UV resistant
  • Halogen-free

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Advantages of the NSGAFÖU cable 1,8 to 6kV


The NSGAFÖU is a flexible cable, ideal for mobile use. This means that the cable can be used several times and can be applied for temporary purposes. In addition, it is easy to handle and pliant making it easy and compact to store. Its flexibility is also an advantage for small-spaced fixed installations as smaller bends can be made. Due to the flexibility of the cable, it is easier and faster to install, which saves more time and reduces costs.

UV resistant

Cables that are not UV resistant will be affected when they are exposed to direct sunlight. The NSGAFÖU is UV resistant and can therefore be used above ground in the open air. The outer sheath of the cable will not be harmed by the ultra-violet light which normally dries out a cable or causes cracks or bursts in the sheath. This will preserve the functionality of the cable.


Halogen-free cables such as the NSGAFÖU do not produce toxic gases in case of fire. This means that the cable does not contain fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine or astatine which causes toxic gases during a fire. Toxic gases can damage equipment and limit chances for people to escape because gases are deadly. This cable has a higher fire safety, causes less damage in case of a fire and is environmentally-friendly.

Oil resistant

The NSGAFÖU is oil resistant which means the cable can withstand aggressive oil containing substances. These substances will not affect the cable, the functionality of the cable will be maintained and the risk of irreparable damage is lower.

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