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Product information of the NAYY-O and NAYY-J


The NAYY’s are unarmoured power and control cables and are most suited for energy supply in fixed installations. Because of the PVC insulation and oversheathing are these cables suitable for fixed installations in buildings, in free air, for direct burial, or in contact with water.


  • Flame retardant
  • UV resistant

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The difference between the NAYY-O and NAYY-J

The construction of the NAYY-O differs from the NAYY-J in that the NAYY-O doesn’t have a green/yellow earth wire. Furthermore both types need to be installed where there is little chance of mechanical damage. They can be installed in open air, underground, in water and also in brickwork and concrete with the exception of shaken, vibrated or compressed concrete.

Advantages of the NAYY-O and NAYY-J

Flame retardant

Cables used to be responsible for spreading fire. The NAYY-O and NAYY-J are flame retardant. This means that these cables are designed in a way that it will not spread fire. Cables with these advantages are often used in buildings and at locations where people live, work and travel / move.

UV resistant

Cables that are not UV resistant will be affected when they are exposed to direct sunlight. Only the cables with a black outer sheath have a UV-stabilised outer sheath making them suitable for direct exposure to sunlight. The outer sheath of the cable will not be harmed by the ultra-violet light which normally dries out a cable or causes cracks or bursts in the sheath. This will preserve the functionality of the cable.

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